Northern Tier Sports Report
It’s a week before the NTL Championships, and two weeks before districts, so local athletes should be closing in on their peaks for the track and field season, especially as the weather warms, which it’s expected to do from this week on out.

In Class AA the top two district finishers automatically qualify for states, or if an athlete hits a state mark, and finishes in the top eight. Athens competes in Class AAA, which means just the champion goes, unless they hit a state mark.



There are three girls in the NTL that currently sit in the top 10 in the districts, according to their PennTrackXC rankings: Troy’s Anneliese Getola (4th), Towanda’s Anna Dunn (7th), and Wyalusing’s Olivia Haley (8th). So far this year six girls have gone sub-13.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 12.70 SQ)

Hughesville’s Kylie Bieber (12.62)

Milton’s Janae Bergey (12.84)

Central Columbia’s Liberty Gearinger (12.89)

Troy’s Annelise Getola (12.91)

Loyalsock’s Katie Ryder (12.92)

Hughesville’s Bryn Derrick (12.96)

Towanda’s Anna Dunn (13.05)

Wyalusing’s Olivia Haley (13.19)

Other NTL

17. Wyalusing’s Kassandra Kerin (13.53)

18. Towanda’s Kelsea Allen-Smith (13.54)


Troy’s Anneliese Getola (9th) and Wyalusing’s Olivia Haley (10th) are the only two NTL runner sin the top 10, as four girls in the district have gone sub-27.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 26.25 SQ)

Central Columbia’s Liberty Gearinger (26.63)

Central Columbia’s Kendra Stout (26.71)

Hughesville’s Kylie Bieber (26.88)

Lewisburg’s Caroline Blakeslee (26.94)

Lewisburg’s Elena Malone (27.05)

Southern Columbia’s Cassidy Savitski (27.07)

Montoursville’s Lilly Saul (27.13)

Milton’s Jenae Bergey (27.15)

Other NTL

9. Troy’s Anneliese Getola (27.30)

10. Wyalusing’s Olivia Haley (27.32)


Wyalusing’s Olivia Haley broke 60 seconds in the quarter-mile this past week, making her just the sixth runner to do so this year in Class AA. Unfortunately, the two two fastest in the state are in District IV. Towanda’s Anna Dunn (7th) is also in the top 10 in the district.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 69.85 SQ)

Montoursville’s Lily Saul (57.72)

Lewisburg’s Elena Malone (58.19)

Wyalusing’s Olivia Haley (59.96)

Southern Columbia’s Cassidy Savitski (1:01.11)

Lewisburg’s Caroline Blakeslee (1:01.27)

Hughesville’s Kylie Bieber (1:0154)

Towanda’s Anna Dunn (1:01.76)

Midd-West’s Alyssa Hoover (1:01.77)

Other NTL

18. Canton’s Camille McRoberts (1:04.63)

19. Troy’s Caelyn Pine (1:04.95)


NEB’s Gracelyn Laudermilch is the only NTL runner in the top 8, though Canton’s Camille McRoberts is just outside the top 10 in 13th. Two runners have gone sub-2:20 this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 2:20.60 SQ)

Montoursville’s Lilly Saul (2:18.58)

Southern Columbia’s Kate Moncavage (2:19.62)

South Williamsport’s Charlotte Barckley (2:25.01)

Lewisburg’s Elena Malone (2:26.31)

Milton’s Leah Walter (2:26.48)

Midd-West’s Alyssa Hoover (2:27.63)

NEB’s Gracelyn Laudermilch (2:28.06)

Other NTL

13. Canton’s Camille McRoberts (2:31.10)


NEB’s Gracelyn Laudermilch is currently in third for the mile, while Canton’s Camille McRoberts is also in the top 10 in ninth. Two runners have gone sub-5:20 so far this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 5:18.30)

Bloomsburg’s Maizy Aikey (5:12.37)

Southern Columbia’s Kate Moncavage (5:19.39)

NEB’s Gracelyn Laudermilch (5:23.22)

Danville’s Victoria Bartholomew (5:32.21)

Warrior Run’s Sage Dunkleberger (5:33.86)

Milton’s Leah Walter (5:33.88)

NCC’s Eden Daku-Treas (5:35.18)

Montoursville’s Lilly Saul (5:38)

Other NTL

9. Canton’s Camille McRoberts (5:40.73)

16. Wyalusing’s Kayla Beebe (5:48.01)


NEB’s Gracelyn Laudermilch keeps getting closer to the top, sitting in second in the district in the 2-mile. Wyalusing’s Kayla Beebe is in the top 15 in the district, sitting in 12th. There are four girls under 12-minutes so far this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 11:35)

Bloomsburg’s Maizy Aikey (10:54.78)

NEB’s Gracelyn Laudermilch (11:43.97)

Warrior Run’s Sage Dunkleberger (11:44.80)

Danville’s Coyle Bartholomew (11:58.17)

Danville’s Hannah Bartholomew (12:16.60)

Danville’s Victoria Bartholomew (12:19.77)

Danville’s Alivia S/hen (12:32.57)

Lewisburg’s Alanna Jacob (12:38.32)

Other NTL

12. Wyalusing’s Kayla Beebe (12:51)

16. NEB’s Lilah Hughes (13:02.11)


There are no NTL runners in the top 10 in this event, with Williamson’s Chelsea Hungerford (t-12th) and Troy’s Anneliese Getola (14th) in the top 15. Three district runners have gone sub-16.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 16.01)

Bloomsburg’s Charly Schlauch (15.41)

Lewisburg’s Siena Brazier (15.60)

Milton’s Riley Murray (15.69)

Midd-West’s Camryn Pyle (16.32)

Bloomsburg’s Trynna Zentner (16.41)

Lewisburg’s Madeline Ikeler (16.71)

Montoursville’s Jillian Irion (16.75)

Milton’s Alexis Beaver (16.97)

Other NTL

T-12. Williamson’s Chelsea Hungerford (17.22)

14. Troy’s Anneliese Getola (17.23)

20. Towanda’s Kelci Carle (18.02)


Another event dominated by the south, with Williamson’s Chelsea Hungerford the top NTL runner in 16th. There are three hurdlers that have gone under 49 seconds this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 47.64)

Milton’s Mackenzie Lopez (47.87)

Lewisbur’s Siena Brazier (47.99)

Midd-West’s Camryn Pyle (48.99)

Montoursville’s Emma Cline (49.07)

Montoursville’s Jillian Irion (49.25)

Danville’s Sarah Sharp (49.56)

Central Columbia’s Ava Rebuck (49.78)

Milton’s Riley Murray (50.0)

Other NTL

16. Williamson’s Chelsea Hungerford (51.70)

17. Towanda’s Eliza Fowler (51.77)

4x100 Relay

Towanda comes in fifth, just over a second from second place, as six teams have gone under 52 seconds this year. Wyalusing and Troy are in the top 10 at the moment, too.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 50.8)

Central Columbia (50.32)

Bloomsburg (50.84)

Milton (51.25)

Hughesville (51.47)

Towanda (51.92)

Southern Columbia (51.94)

Loyalsock (52.29)

Lewisburg (52.32)

Other NTL

9. Wyalusing (53.23)

10. Troy (53.85)

15. Williamson (55.40)

4x400 Relay

Towanda also has a strong 4x400 relay team, right now the fourth best in the district, and the only NTL team in the top 10. Three teams have gone under 4:15 so far this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 4:08.75)

Lewisburg (4:08.49)

Central Columbia (4:09.35)

Southern Columbia (4:12.67)

Towanda (4:16.70)

Montoursville (4:17.15)

Hughesville (4:18.05)

Bloomsburg (4:18.86)

Milton (4:22.41)

Other NTL

11. Canton (4:29.75)

12. Wyalusing (4:30.62)

4x800 Relay

The only NTL team in the top 10 is Troy, who is 10th, while Wellsboro is right behind them in 11th. Nobody has gone sub-10 this year, yet, but two are under 10:10.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 9:50.40)

Lewisburg (10:04.81)

Southern Columbia (10:09.86)

Milton (10:12)

Danville (10:17.46)

Hughesville (10:26.74)

Warrior Run (10:32.04)

Central Columbia (10:35.27)

Montoursville (10:37.42)

Other NTL

10. Troy (11:09.14)

11. Wellsboro (11:22.98)

12. Williamson (11:31.57)

14. Canton (11:34.25)

15. Wyalusing (11:49.70)


NPM’s Tierney Patterson (7th) and Towanda’s Hannah Risch (8th) are in the back half of the top 10 at the moment, while nobody has broke 100-feet yet this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 113-feet)

Southern Columbia’s Alli Griscavage (99-feet, 10-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Alyssa Reisinger (98-feet, 5-inches)

Montoursville’s Anna Baylor (97-feet, 10-inches)

Bloomsburg’s Cassandra McGinley (94-feet, 1 1/2-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Avery Dowkus (93-feet, 1-inch)

Mt. Carmel’s Liv Kopitsky (92-feet, 1 1/2-inches)

NPM’s Tierney Patterson (90-feet, 2-inches)

Towanda’s Hannah Risch (89-feet, 11 1/2-inches)

Other NTL

17. NEB’s Maisie Neuber (84-feet)

20. NEB’s Emma Neuber (80-feet, 5 1/2-inches)


Wellsboro’s 2-sport star Emma Coolidge (9th) is in the top 10 in the districts while NEB’s Maisie Neuber (12th) sits in the top 15. There are two throwers that have broke 120-feet so far this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 121-feet)

Milton’s Mackenzie Lopez (132-feet, 5-inches)

Southern Columbia’s Quinn Johnston (130-feet, 4-inches)

Milton’s Morgan Reiner (118-feet, 10-inches)

Montoursville’s Valerie Badger (117-feet, 6 1/2-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Avery Dowkus (108-feet, 4-inches)

Loyalsock’s Alexis Keefer (107-feet, 10-inches)

Montgomery’s Lauren Anderson (107-feet, 6-inches)

Lewisburg’s Madeline Still (107-feet, 2-inches)

Other NTL

9. Wellsboro’s Emma Coolidge (104-feet, 9 1/2-inches)

12. NEB’s Maisie Neuber (99-feet)

Shot Put

No NTL thrower is in the top 10 in the shot put, with NEB’s Emma Neuber (18th) the highest athlete from the league. There are two throwers who have gone over 35-feet.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 36-feet, 6-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Avery Dowkus (40-feet, 2 1/2-inches)

Danville’s Ava Ross (37-feet, 8 3/4-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Brynn Evert (34-feet, 1 1/4-inches)

Milton’s Anita Shek (32-feet, 11-inches)

Southern Columbia’s Alli Grisacavage (32-feet, 10 3/4-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Liv Kopitsky (32-feet, 9-inches)

Central Columbia’s Sydney Hunsinger (32-feet, 5 1/2-inches)

Montoursville’s Anna Baylor (31-feet, 5 3/4-inches)

Other NTL

18. NEB’s Emma Neuber (28-feet, 11-inches)

19. Wellsboro’s Emma Coolidge (28-feet, 9-inches)

Triple Jump

Towanda’s Hannah Ryck (12th) is the only NTL jumper in the top 15, with two jumpers having eclipsed the 34-foot plateau.

Top 8 District (Class AA - 35-feet, 6-inches)

Bloomsburg’s Charly Schlauch (37-feet, 3-inches)

Southern Columbia’s Cassidy Savitski (34-feet, 7-inches)

Hughesville’s Hailey Myers (33-feet, 6 1/2-inches)

Milton’s Sara Dewyer (33-feet, 6 1/2-inches)

Central Columbia’s Caitlyn Weatherill (32-feet, 10 1/2-inches)

Hughesville’s Makenzies Leitenberger (32-feet, 9 1/4-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Jenna Pizzouli (32-feet, 5-inches)

Montomgery’s Anna Seeley (32-feet, 4 3/4-inches)

Other NTL

12. Towanda’s Hannah Ryck (31-feet, 11 1/4-inches)

T-18. Troy’s Elizabeth Geer (31-feet, 1-inch)

20. Towanda’s Eliza Fowler (30-feet, 11 1/2-inches)


Athens has a few athletes who will be in the mix for a state spot in the Class AAA field.

Long Jump 

Another jumping even dominated by athletes from down south, with Wyalusing’s Hannah Ely (13th) the only NTL jumper in the top 15. Four athletes have gone over 16-feet so far this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 16-feet, 11-inches)

Bloomsburg’s Charly Schlauch (17-feet, 10-inches)

Milton’s Sara Dewyer (16-feet, 5 3/4-inches)

Southern Columbia’s Loren Gehret (16-feet, 1-inch)

Bloomburg’s Bella Pistoia (16-feet, 1-inch)

Mt. Carmel’s Charity Vellner (15-feet, 9-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Jenna Pizzoli (15-feet, 9-inches)

Loyalsock’s Katie Hughes (15-feet, 9-inches)

Hughesville’s Makenzi Lietenberger (15-feet, 8-inches)

Other NTL

13. Wyalusing’s Hannah Ely (15-feet, 4-inches)

High Jump

Defending state champion Towanda’s Porschia Bennett is still the top seed, but the rest of the field is inching up there, with six other athletes at 5-feet or above right now.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 5-feet, 2-inches)

Towanda’s Porschia Bennett (5-feet, 6-inches)

Northwest’s Jordan Bowman (5-feet, 2-inches)

South Williamsport’s Brooklyn Lentz (5-feeet)

Bloomsburg’s Trynna Zentner (5-feet)

Milton’s Riley Murray (5-feet)

Montoursville’s Jayden Phillips (5-feet)

Loyalsock’s Maddy Hall (5-feet)

Wellsboro’s Annika Gehman (4-feet, 11-inches)

Other NTL

T-9. Wyalusing’s Hannah Ely (4-feet, 10-inches)

T-14. Troy’s Alyssa Parks (4-feet, 8-inches)

T-19. NPM’s Darby Stetted (4-feet, 6-inches)

Pole Vault

Three NTL athletes are tied for 18th in the district for this event, with one vaulter having one over 10-feet this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 10-feet, 6-inches)

Milton’s Riley Murray (12-feet, 3-inches)

Bloomsburg’s Jade Drogan (9-feet, 6-inches)

Warrior Run’s Aurora Cieslukowski (9-feet, 6-inches)

Lewisburg’s Torrence Spicher (9-feet)

Lewisburg’s Hazel Buonopane (9-feet)

Lewisburg’s Emma Freeman (9-feet)

Montoursville’s Josslyn Davis (9-feet)

Northwest’s Morgan Hermanofski (9-feet)

Other NTL

T-18. Troy’s Bailey Johnson (7-feet, 6-inches)

T-18. Williamson’s Ryann Slusser (7-feet, 6-inches)

T-18. Canton’s Kendall Kitchen (7-feet, 6-inches)


Athens’ Hannah Walker has a top three time in the 200.

Top 5 District IV (Class AAA - 25.91)

Selinsgrove’s Carly Aument (26.04)

Shikellamy’s Emma Koontz (26.77)

Athens’ Hannah Walker (27.57)

Jersey Shore’s Abigail Corson (27.64)

Mifflinburg’s Avery Metzger (27.79)


Athens has the Bronson sisters in the top five in the half-mile.

Top 5 District IV (Class AAA - 2:18.47)

Shikellamy’s Alyssa Keeley (2:18.74)

Selinsgrove’s Emily Fry (2:25.30)

Athens’ Emma Bronson (2:29.31)

Athens’ Sara Bronson (2:29.83)

Mifflinburg’s Taylor Breachy (2:31.23)


The Bronson sisters are also in the top five in the mile, too.

Top 5 District IV (Class AAA - 5:10)

Shikellamy’s Alyssa Keeley (5:13.74)

Selinsgrove’s Shaela Kruskie (5:17.29)

Athens’ Emma Bronson (5:24.94)

Athens’ Sara Bronson (5:25.40)

Shikellamy’s Bri Hennett (5:29.53)


The two sisters move up into the top three for the 2-mile.

Top 5 District IV (Class AAA - 11:10)

Shikellamy’s Bri Hennett (11:34.31)

Athens’ Sara Bronson (11:48.74)

Athens’ Emma Bronson (12:06.93)

Shikellamy’s Olivia Solomon (12:12.68)

Shikellamy’s Alyssa Keeley (12:17.35)


Athens’ Hannah Walker is just outside the top five in the high hurdles, including less than a second from the top hurdler.

Top 5 District IV (Class AAA - 15.40)

Shamokin’s Gina Carapelucci (16.38)

Williamsport’s Anyae Grissom (16.46)

Selinsgrove’s Abby Parise (16.68)

Mifflinburg’s Makayla Weber (16.92)

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