Northern Tier Sports Report
It’s a week before the NTL Championships, and two weeks before districts, so local athletes should be closing in on their peaks for the track and field season, especially as the weather warms, which it’s expected to do from this week on out.

In Class AA the top two district finishers automatically qualify for states, or if an athlete hits a state mark, and finishes in the top eight. Athens competes in Class AAA, which means just the champion goes, unless they hit a state mark.



Wellsboro’s Jack Poirier (6th) is the lone NTL sprinter in the top 10, according to the PennTrackXC rankings, with three district athletes at 11.3 or below.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 11.3 SQ)

Southern Columbia’s Braeden Wisloski (10.98)

Midd-West’s Owen Solomon (11.3)

Milton’s Chris Aviles (11.3)

Mt. Carmel’s Xavier Diaz (11.32)

Bloomsburg’s Nasir Head (11.34)

Wellsboro’s Jack Poirier (11.39)

South Williamsport’s Hayden Swinehart (11.41)

Southern Columbia’s Alex Morrison (11.41)

Other NTL

14. Athens’ Jaden Wright (11.62)

19. Troy’s Colin Loveland (11.75)

20. Williamson’s Mason Kelsey (11.76)


There are no NTL sprinters in the top eight, though Athens’ Jaden Wright (9th) is in the top 10. Three sprinters have broken the 23-second barrier.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 22.88)

Milton’s Chris Aviles (22.88)

Southern Columbia’s Alex Morrison (22.89)

Bloomsburg’s Nasir Head (22.950

Mt. Carmel’s Xavier Diaz (23.02)

Milton’s Xzavier Minium (23.23)

Midd-West’s Owen Solomon (23.30)

Loyalsock’s Andrew Quintana (23.52)

Northwest’s Derek Dietz (23.73)

Other NTL

9. Athens’ Jaden Wright (23.79)

11. Wellsboro’s Jack Poirier (23.92)

16. Sayre’s Mason Hughey (24.18)

17. Athens’ Carter Lewis (24.19)


There’s only one NTL runner in the top eight in the 400, but it’s a tight pack, with the top eight separated by less than a second, and nobody under 51-seconds yet.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 50.70)

Hughesville’s Logan Long (51.74)

South Williamsport’s Hayden Swinehart (51.88)

Loyalsock’s Andrew Quintana (51.94)

Southern Columbia’s Alex Morrison 951.95)

East Juniata’s Logan Strawser (52.14)

Midd-West’s Owen Solomon (52.16)

East Juniata’s Rowan Smith (52.53)

Williamson’s Elias Kaufman (52.72)

Other NTL

13. Troy’s Jacob Hinman (53.71)

15. Sayre’s Mason Hughey (54.02)

18. NEB’s Shakei Smith (54.78)


The Williamson distance trio are all in the top eight here, with just one runner having gone sub-2 so far this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 1:59.70)

Hughesville’s Morgan Gavitt (1:58.65)

East Juniata’s Logan Strawser (2:01.11)

Williamson’s Nathaniel Welch (2:02.23)

Hughesville’s Hunter Foust (2:02.29)

Williamson’s Owen Cummings (2:03.84)

Northwest’s Derek Pierontoni (2:04.43)

Williamson’s Kristian Mizdail (2:04.80)

Hughesville’s Shea McCusker (2:05.12)

Other NTL

17. NPM’s Noah Shedden (2:08.03)

18. Athens’ Kyle Anthony (2:08.18)


Williamson once again has three in the top eight, but they’re joined by Athens’ Kyle Anthony, giving the NTL four of the top eight times in the district. Only one runner has broken 4:30.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 4:31.13)

Hughesville’s Morgan Gavitt (4:22.78)

Williamson’s Owen Cummings (4:30.00)

East Juniata’s Logan Strawser (4:30.07)

Milton’s Ryan Bickhart (4:30.29)

Williamson’s Kristian Mizdail 94:35.27)

Athens’ Kyle Anthony (4:39.08)

Hughesville’s Hunter Foust (4:40.43)

Williamson’s Nathaniel Welch (4:40.43)

Other NTL

11. NPM’s Noah Shedden (4:41.45)


The NTL has four runners in the top 10 for the 2-mile, with six runners in the district having one sub-10 minutes.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 9:48.01)

East Juniata’s Logan Strawser (9:30.49)

Northwest’s Oliver Heintzelman (9:40.10)

Milton’s Ryan Bickhart (9:45.37)

Williamson’s Owen Cummings (9:48.59)

Hughesville’s Morgan Gavitt (9:48.91)

Williamson’s Kristian Mizdail (9:50.91)

NPM’s Noah Shedden (10:01.21)

Montoursville’s Weston Fry (10:03.44)

Other NTL

9. Williamson’s Nathaniel Welch (10:14.60)

19. Athens’ Ethan Hicks (10:59.41)


Troy’s Dustin Hagin sits in second right now in the district with Athens’ Levi Kuhns (10) also in the top 10. Four hurdlers have gone under 15.5 so far this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 15.5)

Southern Columbia’s Jake Rose (14.28)

Troy’s Dustin Hagin (15.26)

Montgomery’s Ben Robinson (15.39)

South Williamsport’s Brock Weaver (15.49)

East Juniata’s Rowan Smith (15.85)

East Juniata’s Josef Book (15.89)

Loyalsock’s Will Burdett (16.13)

Montoursville’s Josiah Schans (16.15)

Other NTL

10. Athens’ Levi Kuhns (16.46)

15. Troy’s Blake Shedden (17.44)

16. Williamson’s Duncan Kerr (17.48)

20. NEB’s Austin Kithcart (17.87)


There are two NTL hurdlers in the top five - Williamson’s Duncan Kerr (4) and Troys Dustin Hagin (5) - while one hurdler has gone under 40 seconds so far this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 40.8)

Southern Columbia’s Jake Rose (39.27)

Central Columbia’s Cole Bradley (41.21)

East Juniata’s Rowan Smith (41.48)

Williamson’s Duncan Kerr (41.90)

Troy’s Dustin Hagin (42.02)

East Juniata’s Josef Book (42.40)

Montgomery’s Ben Robinson (42.63)

South Williamsport’s Brock Weaver (42.83)

Other NTL

14. Athens’ Ronel Ankam (45.06)


NEB’s Daniel Seeley (3) is in the top three in the district, but will likely need to hit the state qualifying mark. Three other NTL throwers are also in the top 10, with two district throwers having surpassed 150-feet.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 148-feet)

Mt. Carmel’s Matt Scicchitano (166-feet, 2-inches)

Milton’s Cole Goodwin (156-feet, 10-inches)

NEB’s Daniel Seeley (145-feet, 8-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Mike Keer (143-feet, 1-inch)

Mt. Carmel’s Michael Farronato (142-feet, 4-inches)

Southern Columbia’s Tyler Arnold (139-feet, 6 1/2-inches)

NEB’s Ethan Finch (137-feet, 11-inches)

East Juniata’s Jake Brackbill (137-feet, 7-inches)

Other NTL

9. Canton’s Kyle Kapichok (127-feet, 1-inch)

10. Wyalusing’s Jacob Palfreyman (124-feet, 2-inches)

15. Wellsboro’s Wyatt Gastrock (119-feet, 6-inches)

19. Canton’s Caiden Williams (115-feet, 1-inch)

20. Williamson’s Ean Bump (115-feet)


Nobody in the NTL is in the top 10, though NPM has three in the top 20. Five different district throws have gone over 160-feet.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 176-feet)

Mt. Carmel’s Michael Farronato (164-feet, 2-inches)

Milton’s Connor Snyder (164-feet, 1-inch)

Central Columbia’s Lincoln Huber (163-feet)

Southern Columbia’s Tyler Arnold (162-feet)

Northwest’s Liam Reinard (160-feet, 3-inches)

Milton’s Jace Brandt (159-feet, 7-inches)

Montoursville’s Zach Barnes (159-feet, 4 1/2-inches)

Northwest’s Zachary O’Day (153-feet, 9-inches)

Other NTL

16. NPM’s Jackson Brion (144-feet, 11-inches)

17. NPM’s Jett Harold (142-feet, 10 1/2-inches)

20. NPM’s Brody Burleigh (140-feet, 5-inches)

Shot Put

Troy’s Mason Imbt is ranked third in the district, while NEB’s Daniel Seeley (9) and Wyalusing’s Jacob Palfreyman (10) are also in the top 10. Only one thrower has gone over 50 fee.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 49-feet, 6-inches)

Milton’s Cole Goodwin (52-feet, 9-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Matt Kelley (49-feet, 6-inches)

Troy’s Mason Imbt (47-feet, 7 1/2-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Mike Keer (46-feet, 9-inches)

Montoursville’s Gaven Farquharson (46-feet, 4 1/4-inches0

Mt. Carmel’s Matt Scicchitano (45-feet, 7-inches)

Montoursville’s Brayden Brown (44-feet, 11-inches)

Central Columbia’s Maddix Karns (44-feet)

Other NTL

9. NEB’s Daniel Seeley (43-feet, 9 1/2-inches)

10. Wyalusing’s Jacob Palfreyman (43-feet, 7-inches)

13. Canton’s Caiden Williams (42-feet, 10-inches)

17. NEB’s Ethan Finch (40-feet, 1 1/2-inches)

High Jump

Like most years, the high jump looks to be a crapshoot at this point, with10 athletes within three inches of each other, including three NTLers. Only three jumpers have hit 6-feet or above.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 6-feet, 3-inches)

Southern Columbia’s Tyler Arnold (6-feet, 1-inch)

Milton’s Xzavier Minium (6-feet)

Towanda’s Mitchell Mosier (6-feet)

Southern Columbia’s Kyle Christman (5-feet, 11-inches)

Milton’s Anthony Wendt (5-feet, 10-inches)

NEB’s Austin Kithcart (5-feet, 10-inches)

Milton’s Joel Langdon (5-feet, 10-inches)

Wyalusing’s Grady Cobb (5-feet, 10-inches)

Montoursville’s Josiah Schans (5-feet, 10-inches)

Northwest’s Hunter Gmiter (5-feet, 10-inches)

Other NTL

T-11. Wyalusing’s Ethan Lewis (5-feet, 9-inches)

T-13. Troy’s Dustin Hagin (5-feet, 8-inches)

T-13. Canton’s Caiden Williams (5-feet, 8-inches)

T-13. Williamson’s Fletcher Good (5-feet, 8-inches)

T-13. Athens’ Ethan Denlinger (5-feet, 8-inches)

Long Jump

There are three NTL athletes in the top six for the long jump - led by Williamson’s Mason Kelsey in second. There are 12 jumpers over 20-feet so far this year.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 21-feet, 6-inches)

Southern Columbia’s Jake Rose (22-feet, 1-inch)

Williamson’s Mason Kelsey (20-feet, 7-inches)

Milton’s Dante Cook (20-feet, 6 3/4-inches)

Troy’s Colin Loveland (20-feet, 6-inches)

Southern Columbia’s Alex Morrison (20-feet, 5 3/4-inches)

Troy’s Dustin Hagin (20-feet, 4-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Cole Spears (20-feet, 2 1/4-inches)

Bloomsburg’s Nasir Head (20-feet, 2-inches)

Other NTL

11. Wellsboro’s Aiden Gehman (20-feet, 1/2-inch)

T-15. Canton’s Isaiah Niemczyk (19-feet, 9 1/2-inches)

T-15. Wellsboro’s Joseph Brown (19-feet, 9 1/2-inches)

Triple Jump

Three of the top four are NTL athletes, led by Troy’s Dustin Hagin (2), while there are three jumpers over 42-feet.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 44-feet)

Bloomsburg’s Nasir Head (44-feet, 8 1/2-inches)

Troy’s Dustin Hagin (44-feet, 6-inches)

Wellsboro’s Aiden Gehman (42-feet, 4-inches)

Troy’s Colin Loveland (41-feet, 9 1/4-inches)

Warrior Run’s Nathan McCormack (41-feet, 6 3/4-inches)

Southern Columbia’s Alex Morrison (41-feet, 5 1/2-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Michael Farronato (41-feet, 1-inches)

Bloomsburg’s Mike Widom (41-feet)

Other NTL

12. Wyalusing’s Nolan Oswald (40-feet, 2-inches)

13. Towanda’s Logan Lambert (40-feet)

16. Canton’s Isaiah Niemczyk (39-feet, 5 1/4-inches)

18. Wyalusing’s Ethan Lewis (39-feet)

Pole Vault

Towanda’s Mitchell Mosier (2) is in the top three in the district, and has a shot at first, with just two vaulters having eclipsed 13-feet.

Top 8 District IV (Class AA - 13-feet, 6-inches)

Montoursville’s Brayden McKibben (13-feet, 6-inches)

Towanda’s Mitchell Mosier (13-feet0

Milton’s Anthony Wendt (12-feet)

Central Columbia’s Brett Mercer (12-feet)

Northwest’s Hunter Gmiter (12-feet)

Montgomery’s Hunter Leet (11-feet, 6-inches)

Warrior Run’s Isaac Butler (11-feet, 6-inches)

Montoursville’s Bryce Eberhart (11-feet, 6-inches)

Mt. Carmel’s Garrett Varano (11-feet, 6-inches)

Other NTL

T-12. Troy’s Seth Seymour (10-feet, 6-inches)

T-16. Williamson’s Elliott Good (10-feet)

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