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Things are getting down to the nitty gritty, both in the league and in the district playoff races. What happens these next couple weeks could decide the fate for a lot of area teams.



DIVISION-I W-L (Division record)

1. Towanda 10-0 (5-0)

2. Troy 7-2 (3-1)

3. Athens 6-3 (2-2)

4. Wellsboro 6-3 (2-2)

5. Wyalusing 3-6 (1-3)

6. Williamson 2-7 (0-5)

Towanda got a gift from NPL when they beat Troy last week, giving the Knights a 2-game cushion as we head into the final stretch of the league season.

The Trojans will now need to go undefeated the rest of the way in league play, and hope Towanda falls either to NEB or Athens, in order to have a shot to unseat the Knights for the league title.

Even if they can’t, Troy can still earn a spot in the NTL Showdown by taking second in the division, with Athens and Wellsboro also still alive.

DIVISION-II W-L (Division record)

1. NEB 9-1 (5-0)

2. NP-Liberty 5-5 (3-2)

3. Canton 3-6 (2-3)

4. NP-Mansfield 2-7 (1-4)

5. Sayre 2-8 (2-2)

6. CV 1-8 (1-4)

NEB is knocking on the door of a fourth straight division title, pulling out close wins over Athens and Wyalusing last week to tighten their hold on the division. NPL may have delayed their clinching game by upsetting Troy, but, baring a Panther collapse, there is little the Mounties can do.

NPL, though, does have the inside lane to nab the second spot in the division and earn a berth in the NTL Showdown. Canton appears to be the only team that can still catch them.


DIVISION-I W-L (Division record)

1. NP-Mansfield 10-0 (5-0)

2. Wellsboro 7-1 (4-1)

3. Athens 8-2 (3-2)

4. Troy 6-3 (2-3)

5. Towanda 5-5 (1-4)

6. Wyalusing 2-7 (0-5)

While the Tigers look insurmountable on paper they did stay undefeated by the skin of their teeth, beating Wellsboro by just one and Troy by just three. However, that’s where their experience gives them an edge - the fourth quarter of close games.

The battle for the second spot in the NTL Showdown looks to be between Wellsboro, Athens, and Troy. The Trojans would need to go undefeated in the second half of the season to likely sneak in, while Athens would need to split with Wellsboro, and possibly get some help. The Hornets are in the best shape, beating Athens on the road last weekend.

DIVISION-II W-L (Division record)

1. NEB 4-4 (3-2)

2. NP-Liberty 4-5 (3-2)

3. Sayre 4-6 (4-1)

4. Canton 3-6 (3-2)

5. CV 2-7 (2-3)

6. Williamson 0-9 (0-5)

The chaos division if there ever was one, as four teams have a legitimate shot at taking the title.

NEB still has Towanda, Wellsboro, and Athens to play in crossover games. They were slated to play the Knights Monday but that game got moved to the very end of the season - February 15. They get NPL, Canton, CV and Williamson at home, but have to travel to Sayre, a team they barely beat at home before Christmas break.

NPL has Troy and Wellsboro left in crossover play, while they get CV, Canton and Williamson at home in the second cycle. However, they have to go on the road to Sayre and NEB, the two teams that beat them the first time around.

Sayre has one cross-over game left - at Wyalusing - before going on the road to Williamson, Canton, and CV. Important for them, they get NEB and NPL at home in back to back games, an important 3-day stretch in deciding who wins the division.

Canton may have the biggest hill to climb as they still have Athens and Wyalusing left in cross-over games. They also have to travel to NEB, NPL, and CV, but will get Sayre and Williamson at home.



CLASS A W-L (playoff rating)

1. Meadowbrook 11-1 (.661)

2. Lourdes 11-3 (.599)

3. Neumann 7-6 (.431)

4. Millville 7-6 (.420)

5. NP-Liberty 7-8 (.404)

6. Bucktail 6-7 (.356)

7. Benton 5-9 (.338)

8. CV 5-11 (.314)

9. Juniata C. 2-9 (.272)

10. Sullivan C 2-10 (.243)

11. Galeton 0-15 (.152)

Too many games left to go into scenarios, but if NPL finishes strong they could get a home playoff game. CV also appears to have the inside track to keeping the eight spot, though a few more wins would help them nail it down.

CLASS AA W-L (playoff rating)

1. NEB 11-2 (.640)

2. S. Williamsport 10-5 (.570)

3. Muncy 9-3 (.558)

4. Line Mountain 7-5 (.515)

5. Northwest 11-4 (.507)

6. NCC 8-6 (.453)

7. East Juniata 7-9 (.389)

8. Canton 7-8 (.367)

9. Wyalusing 5-9 (.345)

10. Sayre 3-11 (.280)

11. NP-Mansfield 2-13 (.249)

12. Montgomery 2-12 (.229)

NEB has put a little bit of space between them and next two teams, but they’ll need with Bloomsburg, Towanda, Muncy, and Mt. Carmel still left on the schedule. South Williamsport and Muncy don’t have quite that tough a schedule the rest of the way.

The battle for the 7th and 8th spot appears to be coming down to three teams - EJ, Canton, and Wyalusing. The Rams have the tougher schedule left, but if that can work to their advantage if they can get a few wins, as their wins will be worth more points.

EJ has mostly winnable games left, while Canton should see the return of their leading scorer Kendall Kitchen soon.

CLASS AAA W-L (playoff rating)

1. Mt Carmel 14-2 (.776)

2. Bloomsburg 14-2 (.768)

3. Loyalsock 10-4 (.684)

4. S. Columbia 8-7 (.606)

5. Towanda 10-3 (.603)

6. Hughesville 10-7 (.563)

7. Troy 9-5 (.552)

8. Wellsboro 6-8 (.388)

9. Warrior Run 4-10 (.384)

10. Williamson 5-9 (.311)

11. Midd-West 2-14 (.268)

12. CMVT 0-15 (.140)

The toughest district in the state for Class 3A, featuring one state runner-up (SCA), one state final four team (Mt. Carmel), and one district champion (Loyalsock). And Bloomsburg has been on a revenge tour after missing out on the district final game a year ago.

The Knights have a tough schedule left - Berwick, Jersey Shore, Hughesville, along with Athens and Troy - but if they can put together a few wins they might be able to get back into the top four.

Troy’s loss to NPL dropped them a few spots, but they just need two more wins to get into the district playoffs. It’s also not a huge leap from where they’re at to the fourth spot. Outside of the league they have Milton left.

Wellsboro has a tenuous grip on the final playoff spot as they try to hold off Warrior Run. The Hornets still have two games with Athens, plus a date with Williamsport to end the season.

CLASS AAAA W-L (playoff rating)

1. C. Columbia 14-2 (.743)

2. Jersey Shore 11-3 (.651)

3. Shamokin 12-4 (.636)

4. Lewisburg 9-5 (.592)

5. Montoursville 8-5 (.559)

6. Athens 10-5 (.530)

7. Mifflinburg 7-7 (.519)

8. Danville 7-8 (.517)

9. Milton 3-11 (.319)

The Wildcats will likely need a near perfect finish to get into the top four with just their league schedule left. Wins over Towanda and Troy would give them a big boost.


CLASS A W-L (playoff rating)

1. NCC 11-3 (.583)

2. NP-Liberty 8-6 (.471)

3. Sullivan C. 8-7 (.453)

4. CV 7-8 (.371)

5. Meadowbrook 5-6 (.348)

6. Galeton 5-8 (.316)

7. Bucktail 4-6 (.307)

8. Lourdes 4-11-1 (.306)

9. Millville 3-12 (.263)

10. Juniata C. 3-7 (.246)

11. Benton 0-13 (.166)

NPL has a tenuous hold on that second spot over Sullivan County, though both teams have some cushion from fourth place CV. That is key in avoiding top seed NCC until the final.

Outside the league NPL has Benton left on their schedule with Sullivan County still set to play Lourdes, Northwest, and Wyalusing.

CV is holding onto that fourth spot by a thread with Meadowbrook and Galeton both looking like they could usurp them. The Indians just have their league schedule left.

CLASS AA W-L (playoff rating)

1. Neumann 10-4 (.620)

2. Northwest 12-3 (.595)

3. Muncy 12-4 (.570)

4. East Juniata 11-5 (.537)

5. S. Williamsport 9-7 (.497)

6. NEB 7-6 (.432)

7. Sayre 6-9 (.406)

8. Canton 6-7 (.396)

9. Montgomery 7-7 (.372)

10. Line Mountain 5-12 (.350)

Along with battling for a division title, NEB, Sayre and Canton are fighting for a playoff spot, along with Montgomery.

Outside of the league NEB will also travel to Bloomsburg, Sayre has a trip to Blue Ridge left, while Canton is set to host Edison. The Warriors end the season by traveling to Montgomery, which could decide the eighth and final playoff spot.

Also, if all these teams can finish .500 or better then all automatically make districts. 

CLASS AAA W-L (playoff rating)

1. NP-Mansfield 15-1 (.754)

2. Wellsboro 9-4 (.596)

3. S. Columbia 9-5 (.571)

4. Troy 10-5 (.563)

5. Loyalsock 8-5 (.562)

6. Hughesville 7-7 (.487)

7. Towanda 8-7 (.484)

8. Warrior Run 7-8 (.432)

9. Bloomsburg 4-10 (.388)

10. Mt. Carmel 5-9 (.387)

11. Wyalusing 3-11 (.290)

12. Williamson 2-11 (.219)

The NTL appears to be the class of the district for 3A, with NPM running away with the top seed. They appear to have it locked down as they have just their league schedule left.

Wellsboro’s grip on the second spot is much more tenuous, especially since they host Loyalsock near the end of the season.

Troy has no non-league games left, so a strong finish in their second cycle of games could see them move up as high as two, though a weaker finish could see them drop out of the top four.

Loyalsock and Southern Columbia may also have the strength of schedule edge over the NTL teams, meaning once it’s all said and done, they could both sneak into the top four.

Towanda’s magic number is three, as in just three more wins and they guarantee themselves a playoff spot. It won’t be easy with the gauntlet that is the NTL Division-I left, but they also have cross-over games with NEB and Williamson, while travel to Meadowbrook near the end of the season.

CLASS AAAA W-L (playoff rating)

1. Shamokin 12-4 (.672)

2. Danville 11-3 (.669)

3. Athens 10-4 (.631)

4. Mifflinburg 10-6 (.578)

5. Lewisburg 8-6 (.559)

6. Milton 6-7 (.510)

7. C. Columbia 7-8 (.483)

8. Montoursville 5-11 (.425)

9. Midd-West 3-12 (.306)

10. Jersey Shore 2-11 (.295)

11. CMVT 1-14 (.182)

Athens has done a nice job putting themselves in position to get a home playoff game for districts. However, Mifflinburg and Lewisburg both loom, so they won’t be able to take it easy down the stretch.

After league play they’ll take on Seton Catholic out of Binghamton. With a strong enough finish it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Athens could get as high as one.-

-District standings from the District IV web site.

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