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Northern Tier Sports Report
TROY — Troy wrestling got back in the mat room Monday after three weeks off as they prepare to battle for the NTL title.

Right now, though, Troy coach Brandon Spiak is just trying to get them into shape.

“You can tell who worked out and who didn’t,” said Spiak. “But I do feel comfortable that a lot of them worked out - some of them harder than others. But a good majority of them worked out, but the three weeks off, that hurts everybody.”

The stop and start nature of the season has been difficult to manage. The NTL didn’t start winter sports until December 7, over two weeks after the original start date. Then, later that week, the state of Pennsylvania put the kibosh on high school sports, among other things.

Now, the Trojans are trying to play catch-up.

“You get that first week of that solid conditioning in and, for them to be done for three weeks, it takes that whole week and, it doesn’t waste it, but, almost, at the same time, it’s just a set back,” said Spiak.

His numbers are looking good all things considering. They have 14 and he believes they’ll be able to field a full line-up, which seems to be half the battle this season.

“They came in and they practiced hard tonight,” said Spiak. “They looked like they’re ready to get rolling, and I’m excited.”

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