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Northern Tier Sports Report
It was quite the season on the gridiron for Bradford County teams with five of the six squads moving on to district play, while Troy made their first district final in 10 years.

Leading the Trojans was quarterback Evan Woodward, who finished the year with 144.9 rating, going 80-for-106 for 1,363 yards with 22 touchdowns against three interceptions. He also had two interceptions and two sacks from the safety position. His play has earned him the Bradford County Football All-stars Player of the Year.

His teammate Jed Feldmeier was a 2-way force in the trenches, with 36 tackles on the season, while anchoring a running game that went for over 3,000 yards on offense, making him the Lineman of the Year.

When injuries hit Brendan Gilliland stepped up, running for a team leading 608 yards and nine touchdowns off 45 carries, earning him the Breakout Player of the Year honors.

Towanda’s Riley Vanderpool had a strong season, running for 1,481 yards and 13 touchdowns off 192 carries, while passing for 895 yards and five touchdowns from the pocket, earning him the Offensive Player of the Year honors.

For the third year in a row a Ward is the Defensive Player of the Year. Hudson Ward finished with 150 tackles on the season, despite missing the Old Shoe, to go with two sacks and seven recovered fumbles. That earns him the Defensive Player of the Year honors.

His teammate, Ben Fitch, took over the starting quarterback reins, and led the Warriors to an eight win season. He threw for 1,279 yards on 71-for-127 with nine touchdowns and four picks, while also leading his team in rushing with 700 yards and nine touchdowns - good enough for the Newcomer of the Year Award.

Down Wyalusing they had a turn around for the ages, finishing with their first winning season since 2010 and bringing back the Bronze Helmet. That makes Rich Rogers and his staff the Coaching Staff of the Year.

- A player can only be an all-star on either offense or defense. However, a player can be on either offense or defense, and make special teams.

The first team offense consists of Troy’s Woodward, Gilliland, and Feldmeier, along with running back Clayton Smith, receivers Lincoln Chimics and Camryn Harwick, and linemen Shaun Wood and Avery Sens.

Fitch makes the first team as a versatility selection, while teammate Rylan Sakers earns an offensive line nod. 

Vanderpool is on the first team as an athlete, while Wyalusing has two selections with running back Aydin Hunsinger and lineman Aaron Carr.

The first team defense features linemen Towanda’s Varrius Farrell, Canton’s Michael Davis and Mason Harold, and Troy’s Eason Teribury.

The linebackers are Ward, Troy’s Jackson Taylor and JB Burbage, and Towanda’s Sawyer Robinson.

The defensive backs are Troy’s Mason Smith, Towanda’s Will Shrawder, Wyalusing’s Dylan Johns, and Canton’s Holden Ward.

Sayre’s Kade Bennett is the designated athlete.

The first team special teams selections are Troy’s Brady Spalding (kicker), and Mason Smith (returner), and Canton’s Davis (punter).

The second offensive selections are Athens’ Connor Davidson (quarterback), Cooper Robinson (running back), Sean Peters (wide receiver), and Josh Nittinger (offensive line).

Wyalusing’s Casey God (running back), and Nick Johnson (offensive line), along with Towanda’s Mason Higley (running back), Tahshon Garner (wide receiver), and Timmy Parker (offensive line).

Troy’s Camden Coyle and Ty Spencer are on the offensive line, while Sayre’s Nick Pellicano is the athlete.

For defense the line is Towanda’s Eden Flynn and Zack Parker, Wyalusing’s Dante Hatton, and Canton’s Michael Beers.

The linebackers are Troy’s Nick York, Canton’s Aydin Holcomb and Dawson Burgess, and Sayre’s Karter Green.

The defensive backs are Sayre’s Jamier Kole, Towanda’s Hayden Space, and Wyalusing’s Parker Petlock and Jonathan Earle.

Towanda’s Rylee Sluyter is the versatility selection.

The special teams selections are Canton’s Alexis McRoberts (kicker), Troy’s Camryn Harwick (punter), and Wyalusing’s Joey Gonsauls (returner).


These are the all-stars who are top of their game on both sides of the ball.

Evan Woodward, Troy - Along with his passing stats he also had 32 carries for 321 yards and eight touchdowns. Due to Troy’s depth he wasn’t always needed to win games, but, as the district final against Southern Columbia showed, when he was called upon he delivered.

Riley Vanderpool, Towanda - Few players had such big impacts on both sides of the ball. Along with his offensive numbers Vanderpool also had 77 tackles and five interceptions on defense, along with being one of the most sure handed tacklers in the district.

Jed Feldmeier, Troy - As stated above he was a 2-way force as a lineman for the Trojans. His production will be tough to replace next season.

Camryn Harwick, Troy - Harwick had 24 tackles and three interceptions on the season on defense as a lock up corner back, while hauling in 29 receptions for 466 yards and five touchdowns as a receiver. He even got into it on special teams, with two touchdown returns on the year, and one of the best punters in the NTL.

Varrius Farrell, Towanda - Farrell anchored an offensive line that ran for 2500 yards on the year, while on defense he was a force, with 46 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, and nine sacks - all from the defensive end position. 

Ayden Hunsinger, Wyalusing - Hunsinger was a durable and productive running back, rushing for 1,176 yards and 14 touchdowns. Defensively, he led the Rams in tackles and tackles for loss, anchoring a much improved defensive unit.

Michael Davis, Canton - Despite missing some games with injury Davis finished with 576 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns on 98 carries. Defensively, he had 50 tackles and a team leading seven sacks from the defensive end position, finishing his career as one of the most feared linemen in the league.


Player of the Year: Troy’s Evan Woodward

Offensive Player of the Year: Towanda’s Riley Vanderpool

Defensive Player of the Year: Canton’s Hudson Ward

Lineman of the Year: Troy’s Jed Feldmeier

Newcomer of the Year: Canton’s Ben Fitch

Breakout Player of the Year: Troy’s Brendan Gilliland

Coach of the Year: Wyalusing’s Rich Rogers

First Team


QB: Evan Woodward, Troy

RB: Ayden Hunsinger, Wyalusing

RB: Clayton Smith, Troy

RB: Brendan Gilliland, Troy

WR: Lincoln Chimics, Troy

WR: Camryn Harwick, Troy

OL: Jed Feldmeier, Troy

OL: Shaun Wood, Troy

OL: Aaron Carr, Wyalusing

OL: Avery Sens, Troy

OL: Ryland Sakers, Canton

Athlete: Riley Vanderpool, Towanda

Versatility: Ben Fitch, Canton


DL: Varrius Farrell, Towanda

DL: Michael Davis, Canton

DL: Eason Teribury, Troy

DL: Mason Harold, Canton

LB: Jackson Taylor, Troy

LB: JB Burbage, Troy

LB: Hudson Ward, Canton

LB: Sawyer Robinson, Towanda

DB: Mason Smith, Troy

DB: Will Shrawder, Towanda

DB: Dylan Johns, Wyalusing

DB: Holden Ward, Canton

Athlete: Kade Bennett, Sayre

Special Teams

K: Brady Spalding, Troy

P: Michael Davis, Canton

R: Mason Smith, Troy


Second Team


QB: Connor Davidson, Athens

RB: Mason Higley, Towanda

RB: Cooper Robinson, Athens

RB: Casey God, Wyalusing

WR: Tahshon Garner, Towanda

WR: Sean Peters, Athens

OL: Timmy Parker, Towanda

OL: Camden Coyle, Troy

OL: Nick Johnson, Wyalusing

OL: Ty Spencer, Troy

OL: Josh Nittinger, Athens

Athlete: Nick Pellicano, Sayre


DL: Eden Flynn, Towanda

DL: Dante Hatton, Wyalusing

DL: Zack Parker, Towanda

DL: Michael Beers, Canton

LB: Nick York, Troy

LB: Aydin Holcomb, Canton

LB: Dawson Burgess, Canton

LB: Karter Green, Sayre

DB: Jamier Kole, Sayre

DB: Hayden Space, Towanda

DB: Parker Petlock, Wyalusing

DB: Jonathan Earle, Wyalusing

Versatility: Rylee Sluyter, Towanda

Special Teams

K: Alexis McRoberts, Canton

P: Camryn Harwick, Troy

R: Joey Gonsauls, Wyalusing

All-Newcomer Team

Ben Fitch, Canton

Ryland Sakers, Canton

Camden Coyle, Troy

Eason Teribury, Troy

JB Burbage, Troy

Mason Higley, Towanda

Connor Davidson, Athens

Jonathan Earle, Wyalusing

Nick Pellicano, Sayre

Karter Green, Sayre

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